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We can arrange for your accommodation either inside the park is a forest guest house or in a private resort/lodge that will be outside the boundary of the National Park.

Forest Guesthouse:

The forest guest houses that are run by the forest department are in beautiful locations within the boundaries of the Jim Corbett National Park. Staying in a forest guest house gives you the chance to be within the boundaries of the jungle all day and night, listening to the sounds of the jungle. As soon as you leave the room every safari begins, for birds and animals are all around you!

Online booking in the forest rest house is difficult because the rooms are in great demand and they are sold out rather quickly. We are happy to help you with the booking process and can also suggest the best guest house that will suit your group and interests.

The facilities in the guest house cover basic rooms and bathrooms, with attached canteen facilities in some of the locations. Not all locations have electricity. We suggest that you should have a detailed conversation with us to best understand the facilities that are provided and about the forest department rules and regulations.

Private resorts and lodges:

There are many other resorts and lodges that are privately run outside the Corbett National Park. These options may have catered on every budget. It is possible to stay in a private lodge and go for morning and evening safaris into Jim Corbett National Park, and also have options for local sightseeing and adventure activities. We are well connected in the area and will be able to arrange accommodation which would be best suits your needs and budget.

Special offer: Stay and safari for 2 persons:

Overnight stay with one Jeep Safari for two people can be organised at Rs 8500/-.

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